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Hello Volunteer volunteers

Thank you for your interest in our association by wanting to know more. Thanks to the efforts of the volunteers, their encouragement and after several experiences lived in the community, FIDELIA was born in 2012 , to contribute effectively to the construction of a new world just and breast in order to consolidate the chain of solidarity in the Republic of Congo.
The idea behind the creation of this association is:

  • To contribute to community, socio-economic, educational and cultural developments of rural people.
  • To establish links of fraternity and solidarity through volunteering and the establishment of camp camps and international projects between Congolese and those around the world.
  • It aims to ban literacy and help children in school trouble, to create perfect harmony in the hearts of these children and in all social strata.
The humble contribution that each one of you could make is to move so that we go together to build a better world.
It's up to you to live these moments of humanitarian aid and appreciate it through our different Humanitarian missions proposed.
To do this, We invite all people of good will from all over the world as young people as old people, groups of friends, or students, group of Scouts, individual and project holder to join to FIDELIA, in order to consolidate this chain.
The humanitarian, today everyone can define it according to his way and the experience already lived.

Do humanitarian work:

It is going to bring his help, his contribution, his know-how and his availability. In order to give, share and bring a glimmer of hope to people in need.

Do humanitarian work
NKoumba Edith
President of Fidelia.

Fidelia exchange of solidarity: